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Lets face it, information on No Limit Holdem Poker strategy is easily accessible (online or in specialized and well known poker best sellers). The poker theory is vast and you will have easy acces to thousands of lines of litterature, opening hands theory depending on the position and size of stacks or odds calculations detailing in a very specific context what would have been your EV+ decision.

Although you will find it interesting you will often end up lost because you will have little clue on how to apply all this mass of poker intelligence in a live situation. Because when you sit a table (especially online and on Turbo ring games) you are not in the capacity to apply this theory as it is described in those books because you just do not have time to do so (unless you have Phil Ivey CPU). Once you sit-out you can take time to analyse your hands (and you should!) re-run all calculations to understand which were the non optimal decisions you made and learn how not to repeat them but when you are playing, at the heart of the action, what you need are operational and straightforward decision making principles. Believe me this information is not that easy to find and when it exists it is not synthesized in a fashion that allows you to map it easily to the game you are playing.

This is the purpose of my blog where I captured all poker tips and advices that seemed relevant to me to become a ROI positive player. Because i love poker, I want to be able to keep playing without risking getting broke. I am part today of the 15% poker players who have a positive balance in the long run while the remaining 85% are certainly having fun but also losing money. I became a positive poker player by applying the principles described hereafter and i wanted to share them with you. I will focus on small and middle stakes games as i am absolutely not legitimate to expand on high stakes poker. I will also focus on tips that are specific to the gameplay of each game type (No Limit cash game – NLH, Sit&Gos – S&Gs and Muti tables tournaments – MTTs) and will leave aside poker basics or generic advices that apply for all (eg : players profiling, probabilty to improve your starting hand on the flop…).

To simplify the decision process i believe you need to stand to a set of rules / game automatism. This is what i tried to put together in this blog. But remember that these action plans will only become profitable if you succeed also to move away from them, from time to time, when the situation requests it.

I am sure you will find this useful. Please feedback and exchange. I will be glad to share experiences. I will update this blog regularly to amend sometimes some action plans and add all relevant practical advices that you will share with me or that i will find usefull and that will fall in my way. Please remember when reading that i merely encapsulated in this blog in a synthetic fashion all advices that i would have liked to read at my beginnings and which would have saved me time and a lot of errors.

This blog targets essentially experienced players (although beginners will also discover here a full suite of concepts that will arise their curiosity and willingness to improve their game). You will not find here the rules of the game, nor the hierarchy of hands. Basic notions such as the position, outs and odds are not detailed here (but referred to when needed).

Keep it mind that an advice, an example or a demonstration have a relative value. You will find some efficient action plans and sometimes probably totally disagree also with what you read. But remember that if there was an easy and simple way to win in NL Holdem, this secret would be known by now.

Enjoy and play sharp at poker tables!

Stay tuned for upcoming articles.


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  1. bourcat dit :

    Super ce site avec plein de bons conseils.
    Y-a-t-il une version française ?

    • Marfil79 dit :

      Ty for this message bourcat. Target is to keep growing the number of articles on the .com version and then to have indeed a french version available. I Will share on the timeline as soon as i can.

  2. Cartel Poker dit :

    Thanks for yiur wonderful informataions.

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