In a multi table poker tournament your options will decrease as your stack melts

ulti table poker tournament

A multi table poker tournament is all about survival

To survive you need to master 2 dimensions which are time and the size of your stack. You need to anticipate on the move you will have to deploy (depending on the size of your task) to take the correct risks at the right time.

Traditionnally in a multi table poker tournament where late registrations are not allowed (or after closure of late registrations) you will notice that 2/3 of participants bust over the first 5 levels before the MTT reaches a stabilization phase. Your target is to reach this phase with 30-40BB. Considering blinds increase at each level…it will not be an easy task and you will need to observe but also be active. 30 to 40BB is enough because this threshold usually corresponds to the average stack in the stabilization phase. Meaning most players will be below this limit. The average MTT stack reflects the MTT level of agression. The higher the average is the looser the players. If at your table the average stack is below the MTT average it means that players at your table are more tight and you will need to adapt your game accordingly quickly to benefit from it (bluff and steal) because you can change table at any moment.

30-40BB is a target not a necessity. But for sure you cannot reach the stabilization phase with a stack that would lead you to applying a push or fold strategy or you will be in great danger.

During the first 5 levels, if you feel like you do not have an edge at the table, play TAG and wait for the point in time where the post flop game (more complex) will be less developed. At the same time you should try to put pressure on the fish, the weak tight, the loose passive and the scared money players.

Throughout the stabilization phase you should fight to remain in the 3-bets zone and fight against blind erosion and here again a lot of activity is requested to suceed doing so. You will face 3 type of players : short stacks (10-12BB), cheapleaders and above 40B stacks and average stacks (15-40BB).

If you are above 40BB during this phase do not think that you have  »to do the work » and try to get someone out as soon as you can. Your target is to grow your stack and your interest is to maintain short stacks under pressure (and not allow them or an average stack to double up and then step on your land).

Standard preflop raise in an MTT is 3BB and it drops to 2,5BB as soon as antes appear.

How do engagement zones evolve depending on the game type you are playing?

In an MTT without antes :

. 4-bets zone is above 70BB

. 3-bets zone is between 30 and 70BB

. Re-steals zone is between 11 and 30BB

. Push or fold zone is below 11BB

In an MTT with antes :

. 4-bets zone is above 60BB

. 3-bets zone is between 25 and 60BB

. Re-steals zone is between 10 and 25BB (between 15BB and 25BB your margin to manoeuver is globally the same – sure, you can try a few steals with 25BB but if you get called you will be committed…)

. Push or fold zone is below 10BB

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