Middle stage

Climbing your way up to the bubble in Poker Sit & Go’s

To make it to the bubble in a Sit & Go you will have to show more activity at the table


During intermediary levels (5-6 players left, usually 1 big stack and 4-5 short stacks) your game will consist in pre-flop moves when you are in position (steals, squeeze, re-steals…).


  • Open up your game
  • Blind stealing becomes profitable


  • Connectors (suited or not) will very rarely find appropriate odds
  • Middle pairs increase their relative value
  • Stop playing A with small kickers and small pairs
  • Do no hesitate to not defend your blinds if faced to a raise
  • With a strong hand in the BB position do not raise preflop and favor a check-raise move on the flop
  • With a strong hand in the BB position if you are faced with a raise you should opt for a strong 3-bet


  • Should you have succeeded during the first 3-4 levels to maintain your initial stack or have had the chance to double you will have to be more active.
  • Blinds represent 6 to 8% of the average stack, players are the table are more chilly and it becomes profitable to steal blinds. Open up your range.
  • If your M < 20 and if you are the 1st or 2nd stack adopt a semi-agressive mode.
  • If your M < 20 and you have one of the smallest stacks you have 2 options  »to die slowly at a passive table » or opt for a « push or fold » strategy if a lot of players are still involved (with a A or a K with a good kicker or any pair…). The size of stacks at these levels make 3-bet all in moves very profitable. Basically be aware when you open that you are ready to commit to go all-in. You should attack all average stacks and not try stealing from the small stacks or the cheapleader. If you face a 3-bet or a lot of action preflop should fold all Ax, broadways, 22 to JJ.

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