ITM & Heads Up

How to secure the 1st place in a poker sit & go?

Sit & Go

You made it and you bursted the bubble. Now given the pay-out structure your sole objective is to win. Agress and steal blinds. Be aggressive. Below 5BB you have no more fold equity! All players will open up their range now they are paid. If you are not the short stack and if the short stack has less than 3BB you can afford to wait to see him bust out.

In a heads-up situation remember that hands that have > 50% chances to win are all A and all K, Q5o / Q2s and higher suited kickers, J7o / J5s and higher suited kickers 108 and above, K2o.

Above 15 BB :
Play small ball (raise with a wide range of hands fromthe button, C-bet and be aggressive on the turn also if you connected).
Below 10 BB :
You are back again to a push or fold but based on the SAGE system. Although profiling and size of stacks are important factors in your decision making, tthe SAGE System is the only mathematical system allowing to take optimal decisions in all situations. SAGE method: is to be applied as soon as one of the two stacks is < to 10 times (BB+ante): decision is then easy, its a FOLD or an ALL IN.