3/4 first levels

Poker tips for the 1st rounds of a Sit & Go

When beginning a Sit & Go keep your nerves and be conservative

Sit & Go


  • Preseve your stack to use at later levels your fold equity when there will be 5/6  »short » stack players so that you can deploy an efficient « push or fold strategy ».
  • Target is to try to reach an acceptable M-Factor (M being the ration between your stack and the value of blinds) when approaching the bubble in a Sit & Go
  • You will rarely have an interest in growing the pot preflop. Big pots are for big hands. Do not spew your chips.


Pre-flop play a tight, agressive game and in position. A raise is 3 or 4BB during the first level (+1 BB by limper) with the following opening hands :

  • UTG / +1 / +2 / +3 : 88+, AK, AQs and only follow a raise with AA or KK
  • Middle: 77+, AQ+, AJs

At the button or the cut-off wait a few turns before attempting to steal the blinds (and preferably do not try to steal blinds)

  • Cut-off’ 55+, A10+, A8s, KQ, KJ
  • Button: 22+, A8+, A5s, broadways
  • Small blind: see « button ». You can compete the blind if you hold a hand with a potential and depending on BB level of aggression

General advices :

  • With pairs up to JJ do not fish for 3 of a kind if you are not at a passive table or at least at the cut-off position and with several limpers or if you are faced to a raise
  • Play all suited A with at least 10 as a kicker and all broadways suited or connected if you are not facing a raise
  • Call a raise preflop only if this raise represents less than 5% of your stack
  • With suited connectors go and see the flop if it costs you little and especially when a lot of players are involved in the hand
  • If somebody raised pre-flop, if you hold AA or KK you should 3-bet and never call. Flat call with AQ or 22+ and learn to fold weak Aces with low kickers even if suited. Play Q and J depending on the opener position and his supposed range.
  • In a pot with several limpers: call only with hands which have a good potential (suited Aces, broadways and suite connectors, pairs from 22 to 99). The more limpers the greater implied odds you get. Consider to raise only with 99+ or AQ+ (3BB + 1BB x number of limpers).


  • During the first 3-4 first levels of a Sit & Go you should play very few hands and use those levels to profile the players. Either raise or fold
  • You can use the continuation bet but not out of position
  • You will only get the chance to play a postflop game during the first 3/4 levels. Play a solid and straightforward game (value bet, play strongly top pair top kicker and overpairs, do not slowplay). Against 1 opponent C-bet as often as you can (50% to 75% of the pot) provided you have the position and  a favorable board. However, fold if needed on the turn if you have Air (no pair, no draw…). Against 3 opponents you should C-bet if you connected with the flop or if you found a draw. Check/fold with Air. With more than 3 opponents you should most of the time fold with Air.