Profitable gamestyle

LAG will work best than TAG in MTT







LAG (loose-aggressive) play will work best in a MTT (unless you are playing satellites to qualify to a high stake event which will lead you to adopt a TAG strategy considering the specificity of the pay-out structure – equal pay-out for all players who burst the bubble).

LAG style defines players who play a lot of hands (loose) and very aggressively (aggressive). Preflop those players will often opt for open raises, frequent 3/4 bets. Postflop strategy will involve a lot of calculated risks. Where some players would rather make calls and see another card, LAG players will prefer to make a raise and put the decision back on their opponent. LAG players do not care if they are called or if they miss their big draws from time to time because t the folds they tend to generate will more than compensate for it in the end.