3-bet and open raise spots in MTT

Which are the eligible spots to place an efficient 3-bet?







Several conditions must be met :

  • you have reached the middle or the end of an MTT
  • antes apply
  • you have the perfect stack to place a 4-bet all in
  • you are at an aggressive table where pots are often 3-bet preflop

If you have between 20 and 30 BB you should open raise  »light » in order to preserve your fold equity when you will 4-bet all in (e.g : with such a stack if you open raise to 2,1 BB and face a 3-bet of 5 BB a 4-bet all in from you will prove often very efficient since the size of your stack does not give your opponent the odds to call you with any 2 cards.

Do not open raise too often in early position at a table where stacks are deep because you will get called too often. But do open raise quite often from early position if stacks from the hijack to the BB range between 20 to 40 BB (calling will not be easy for them and they will hesitate to 3-bet you since you represent a good strength with your move).

Seemingly avoid opening on small stacks (between 10 and 20 BB) as they will not hesitate to 3-bet you all in.