Targets and bankroll

Poker global strategy and objectives in multi table tournament








You want to win tournaments when they only have just started? This lack of patience leads to bad decision making and you will too often find yourself in tricky spots. One key point when playing a multi table tournament is the spirit that you have the table : you should focus on all decisions, whatever the stake, the stage you reached in the tournament, the size of the pot. Your objective should be to make the best possible decision at any point in time and not think about the rest (ITM, bubble…). To meet success your objective should not be to win but to play a good poker, taking it one hand at a time.


  • Aim to reach an ITM between 5% and 15%
  • Good multi table tournament players usually have an ITM close to 10%
  • Of course you will need within that to finish among the final table at least twice over a hundred attempts


Never risk more than 1% of your bankroll (if you allocate 200€ to play poker in MMT, do not enter above 2€ buy-in multi table tournaments except if you are certain to have an edge at that limit)


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