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What nickname do you give to your favorite poker hands?

Do not blush if you give your favorite poker hands a small name, we all do

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A lot of starting poker hands have their nickname (inherited mostly from American poker history). Here is a sample. You will be able to call them deep inside by their names when you will see them and have the feeling to meet again with a good friend or… an enemy.

10♠2♠  ‘’Doyle Brunson’s”

This poker hand, in theory very difficult to play, gave Doyle Brunson the victory during the WSOP in 1976 and 1977. Hands played with genious or with luck?

AA ‘’American Airlines’’

Scarce, powerful but a dangerous hand because it leads players to the worse bad beats.

A♠K♥  ‘’Big Slick’’

A statue should be dedicated to this hand which has ruined a lot of players

A♥K♥ ‘’Anna Kournikova’’

Beautiful does not win a lot…that’s mean.

KK ‘’Cow-boys or king kong’’

KK is a strong hand like king kong but quite often it engages in deadly shootouts just like 2 cowboys

QQ ‘’Ladies, Twin sisters or Cow-girls’’

Seducing due to their rank but versatile due to their intermediary status : beware of the charm of the two twins.

JJ ‘’Hooks or Fishooks’’

Nice hooks to fish for big pots, but beware as the string can break.

1010  ‘’Dimes or Binary”

Binary is an allusion to the binary code formed by 1010. Dimes are a tenth of a dollar. This pair can generate much more than that.

99 ‘’German Virgins’’

Why german virgins? Because they always say ‘’nein nein’’.

88  ‘’Snowman’’

Surely because 8 are like 2 snowballs on top of one another to resemble a snowman. But where is the carrot? The carrot lies in winning with this medium pair which starts to be a bit dubious…

77 ‘’Sunset Strip’’

The most famous part of Sunset boulevard in Hollywood. But the nickname comes mostly from a series called ‘’77 sunset strip’’ which witnessed great success in the USA from 1958 to 1964

66  ‘’Road 66”

The famous Road 66 crossing the USA. This hand is sometimes called the devil. But it is wrong as the devil number is 666. Lets pray that the flop corrects this mistake.

55 ‘’Speed Limit’’

55 miles/hour, ordinary speed limitation n the USA

44 “Magnum or Sail boat’’

Refers to the size (in feets) of some specific boats or to a famous weapon (the 44 magnum). A hand to be manipulated cautiously.

33 ‘’Crabs’’

Because 3 looks like claws? Maybe…but beware these claws are not always made of gold.

22 ‘’Ducks’’

In your hands (or in your opponents hands) be careful as they can bite you quite strongly.

J♠5♦ ‘’Motown’’

As Jackson Five record label. No easy to play, just for artists…

7♥2♠ ‘’Hammer’’

Not high, not suited, not close. A hammer shot for your big blinds

J♦10♠ ‘’Launch Pad’’

Ideal for a flush, a straight or a straight flush. You will need to see the flop to check if the rocket lifts c

K♣J♥  ‘’Kojak’’

By the name of a famous bold cop from a 70-80s series. For sure he only needs a queen to reach its full potential.

2♥3♠ “Jordan’’

The shirt number or Michael Jordan. In holdem does not fly that high.

Q♥J♥ “Love’’

Lets hope that the board does not break up those two and lets wish them a lot of small chips.

8♣9♣ ‘’Clover Fields’’

The promise of a club flush.

A♦8♠ “Dead man or wild bill’’

A pair of A and a pair of 8. The classical poker hand that Wild Bill Hickock was holding when he was shot on August, 2nd 1876. In NLH we will satisfy with A8 only trying not to kill anyone please.

A♠4♣ “The devil”

A saying has it that an A always comes with a 4 to bring you bad luck. Do not believe it and go all in!

Q♠10♦  ‘’Quick time’’

An allusion to Apple video format and to the random and often quick unveiling of this hand. Tempting but tricky and not easy to read post flop.

What nickmanes do you give to your favorite hands?

Let us know here.!