Am I good enough to start multi tabling?

You can quite soon consider multi tabling

multi tabling






Ever thought about multitabling? Probably. You do not need to be a pro to multitable, but you need to follow a few instructions in order not to multiply your losses exponentially.

Why could you consider multi tabling ?

  • in order to multiply your hourly winnings
  • because you happen to get bored playing at a unique table and you start to lose your focus
  • or to shorten significantly the duration needed to free a bonus

If you regularly beat the limit at which you are playing, if you are quick in your decision making process in standard situations and if you master the basics of the strategy then you should consider multi tabling. If you do not meet those conditions, then  you will be digging the grave of your bankroll.

All bankroll management principles still apply when you multi table.

The appropriate number of tables is for you to define (some poker sites offer 24 simultaneous tables). Start with 2, then 3 and 4. Playing on 12 tables does not mean you will multiply your winnings by 12. For sure no. As you will have less information on each table to make the right calls. Do not expect to play your ultimate poker in those conditions. The right number of tables is for you to define based on your comfort and your capacity to remain profitable over the long run. Start multi tabling slowly and do not burn the next steps. Would you try running before having learnt to walk? Obvious but…

You should at any time be able to prioritize your actions as sometimes you will need to take several decisions at the same time. Always be aware of which table/hand could require a deeper thinking investment from you.

Also keep selecting your table with great attention. Do you really want to multi table on a table where you find a LAG (large-aggressive) player on your left that will systematically 3-bet your openings? Or if you are surrounded by knits?

You will get tired more quickly and you should to help you configure the 4 colors cards option, deactivate the chat, deactivate all animations/pop-ups, configure a light and contrasted lay-out. Once you climb up the limits you can consider purchasing a bigger screen, maybe two. You can also use a poker tracker to help you.

Define some limits : have a 6 minutes break every 90 minutes and decide to close your session if you reach losses of -200 BB.

Have fun and do not get dazzled.

Let us know what is your optimal multitabling configuration (number of tables, equipment…)