Targets and bankroll

Heads up : it all comes down to this

heads up

Heads up is the most violent form of poker. Tired of waiting long minutes before playing a hand? You love tension at the table? Heads up is for you. Being profitable in heads up makes a difference between small winners and true killer. Heads up is the essence of poker : a brutal and direct confrontation. All MTTs and Sit & Go’s end up this way and even at a cash table you very often find yourself in such a spot.

Winning attitude

Aggression is not needed but essential and psychology plays a bigger role than ever. You need to make most of the adjustments that your opponent will fail to make to his game. The 3 main qualities in heads up game are : aggression – psychology (because you will need to bluff quite a lot which means understanding the betting pattern of your opponent) and creativity.


A 40 buy-in bankroll is a good starting point for heads up cash games.