Freeroll : just one step away from transforming zero $ into real $

This is where a freeroll deserves its name





In this phase of the Freeroll adopt a game close to the one you played in the previous phase.
Respect raises in early position.
Try to steal pots which are not contested

Early position or middle position
Preflop go all in with any pair above 88 and AK, AQ and AJ if you are not facing a raise

Late position or middle position
Preflop add 77, 88 and KQ to your hands to go all-in

In a poker freeroll below 25 big blinds its a raise or a fold





In a Freeroll when your stack reaches < 25BB you should adopt a raise or fold strategy

Meaning preflop your either raise or fold. If a player raises before or after you you should go all-in with a legitimate hand.

You should never call (unless to call an all-in in specific cases)

Avoid agressive players who have a bigger stack than you do

Early position (UTG, UTG+1, UTG+2, UTG+3)

Preflop you should raise x4 BB with AA, KK, QQ, JJ and AK. If you then face a 3 bet you should move all in.

Middle or late position

Preflop add 99, 1010, KQ, KJ, AJ, AQ to open with X4 BB. If you face a 3 bet you should go all-in with all hands except KQ and AJ.

After the flop if you had raised preflop and have only one opponent you should raise with any hand and any board (between half and 2/3 of the pot). If you face a 3 bet, you should go all-in with top pair or a flush draw and also if you just have 2 overcards.

In the initial stages of a poker freeroll event avoid the action

Stay away from the frenzy at the start of a freeroll




In the initial stages of a freeroll event, try not to get involved in pots unless you hold a very strong hand, and especially not from early position. Too many players will simply shove all their chips into the middle, regardless of what cards they are holding.

Whatever the position

You should go all-in preflop with : AA, KK, QQ an AK (even if someone raised before you)

Middle position (cut-off, cut-off -1, cut-off -2)

  • Preflop, you can add JJ and AQ to your game if nobody raised before you
  • Preflop, you should raise to x4 (or above) BB if you find a 66 or higher pair if nobody raised before you

Late position (BB, SB and button)

Preflop, you should limp with all speculative hands (pair of 55 and under, all AXs and all middle or high suited connectors at least 67s)

After the flop

  • The question is  »did you improve your hand? ». If yes you should go all in with double pair or better.
  • With an open-ended straight draw (OESD) you should go all-in if several opponents already put money into the pot
  • With top pair, you go all in if you have at most two opponents, otherwise you should play the turn and river cautiously

How to build your poker bankroll from scratch?





You will cross 2 types of players in a freeroll (true beginners who do not know how to play or players who play for fun and which do not care so much about their result in the tournament).


  • Build a bankroll starting with no funds / 100% profit game
  • Accumulate experience at the tables without having to  »buy » it
  • Enter freerolls light-hearted and play them for fun


PROFITABLE GAMESTYLE : do not bluff, wait for a good hand and enter the hand with heavy bets/raises (heavier than what you are used to)