Profitable game style

Poker winning attitude in cash game NLH

In low stakes cash game you should:




  • Adopt a Weak Tight or Tight Agressive
  • Not bluff
  • Not slowplay (never never never – except if you hit a full-house or four of a kind!)
  • Not try to trick, do not go for fancy moves
  • Fold as much as needed
  • Get your  »tilt » under control. If you are facing a bad run or bad beat by a fish move away from the table and come back when you are calm again. Its EV+ in the long run, rest assured.

In middle stakes cash game TAG still works well:

  • Look for nits and maniacs in order to put pressure on them
  • Put pressure on the  nits (VP$IP <15% ,PFR <10% , 3bet <2%, (Fold to) 3bet >60%) : float the flop and make a big check-raise on the turn.
  • Put pressure on the maniacs (PFR >30% , VP$IP >35% , 3bet >6%, (Fold to) 3bet <30%) : for this you need to have the position on them and sit at his left