How aggressive should you be in small and middle stakes cash game poker (NLH)?

Aggression in cash game should lead you to build big pots with strong hands




At these limits your cash game opponents will almost always call if they are on a straight or flush draw or if they have hit a pair. You should always value bet if you found a strong hand (on the flop, turn and river) up to 50% ot 80% of the pot.

  • Do not use scare cards on a bluff attempt (for instance a 3rd heart on the turn) because your opponents will not have the skills to understand the meaning of your bet (and you will get called)
  • At NL2 and NL5 you can limp a bit more (than a higher limits) to try value your speculative hands but restricted to those 2 limits only as you will rarely be punished by a re-raise at a generally passive table
  • If you are faced on your left with a player that uses and abuses of 3-bets you have no option but tighten your game or change table (4-bet lights will rarely be profitable unless you increased your stack from 100BB to 200BB)
  • At NL10 cash game limit limps to the minimum (in late position following several limpers)
  • At NL25 cash game make some adjustments to your game : steal blinds, float, introduce 2nd-barrels…