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Key poker statistics (holdem)

You will find below 20 key poker statistics or  »golden numbers » that will prevent you from making the wrong call

Key poker statistics






Key poker statistics are all over the place. As your experience will grow, your odds in some specific situations will become obvious. Nonetheless it never harms to have a simple check-list by your side to refer to when you will be at the heart of the action faced to tough decision making.

  • 2% is the probability to be delt a premium hand belonging to Group 1 as defined by David Sklansky (AA, KK, QQ, JJ or AKs)
  • 85% are your chances to win the hand with AA in heads up. You will receive AA every 220 hands…and chances to win with such a hand will fall to 50% if you are facing 4 players.
  • You have 0% of chances to win when you are drawing dead. For instance, A9 vs AK and a K62 flop will leave you with less than 5% chances to win the pot on the river.
  • 4/5 is the frequency at which a superior pair will win over an inferior pair
  • 52% are the chances you have to see an overcard on the flop when you were lucky to be delt JJ
  • 1/124 is the frequency at which you will hit your flush draw straight on the flop (0,8% of the time)
  • 35% are your chances to hit your flush draw on the turn or the river provided you already have 4 suited cards on the flop.
  • 33% are your chances to strike a pair (or better) on the flop
  • With any 2 cards in hand if you are lucky enough to go and see the river you will improve your hand 50% of the time (on the flop or the turn or the river)
  • 32% is your probability to hit your outside straight draw on the river if you connected on the flop and have 4 consecutive cards
  • 10% is the probability to hit your inside straight daw after the flop
  • A pair against 2 overcard not suited is a 54/46 but a pair against two intermediary overcards and suited connectors is a 46/54
  • 12% chances to hit 3 of a kind on the flop with a pocket pair
  • 75% chances to bit a dominated hand (AJ vs A10 or QJ vs QK)
  • An overpair stands 80% of chances to win over suited connectors
  • In 17% of cases your double pair on the flop will transform into a full on the river
  • In 33% of cases your 3 of a kind on the flop will tansform into a full on the river
  • You will be delt a pocket pair 6% of the time
  • With a hand like Q5 you will hit a double pair on the flop only 2% of the time
  • Any hand (eg T5o) if all in stands 35% of chances to win even against a hand like AK

Tell us about your magical numbers? Your stack-savers?